When should you see an eye optometrist like Poughkeepsie Optometry


Across the globe, millions of people are suffering from various eye defects. Some of these defects could be avoided at their early stages. To avoid this tragedy, it’s important to visit an eye doctor to evaluate the state of our eyesight. The signs and symptoms that could motivate you to visit an optometrist like Lagrange Eye Care are discussed below.

1. Blurred vision.

Normally, vision ought to be clear. Blurred vision causes discomfort to individuals since they cannot see objects clearly. This is one of the reasons why you should visit an optometrist.

2. Eye infection.

Infection of the eye can be detected especially if there is an abnormal discharge from the eye. Normally what is supposed to be discharged from the eye is tears which is clear. In the event that the eye discharges whitish fluid or any fluid that is not clear this is a sign of infection. Equally, the swelling of the eye is a sign of infection. Swelling is a sign of the accumulation of fluid in the eye. Therefore any sign of infection should be a sufficient reason to visit an optometrist.

3. Light sensitivity.

Light is vital for the vision to be achieved. Once the eye starts to get sensitive to light and causes discomfort to you, this should be a reason to see an eye doctor.

4. Squinting.

Adjusting the eye in order to have a clear vision is not normal. Squinting is a sign of eye defect since it causes you to focus on reducing light scattering. This is one of the ways to determine sight problems in children because it’s not normal for children to experience squinting to have a clear vision.

5. Headache.

A headache could be a sign of eye defect and could be caused by a number of factors. First using the mobile phones for long or even computers with extra bright light may lead to a headache due to the eye-straining. Equally, the headache could result due to glaucoma. This is a condition that leads to pressure pilling up in the eye because of its inability to get rid of the fluid in the eye properly. This then leads to the damage of the optic nerve which connects the eye to the Central nervous system.

6. Eye pain.

When you experience pain in the eye, it could be a warning for you to visit an optometrist.This is because the pain in the eye might arise from infections or even accidents that may cause damage to the parts of the eye like retina and pupil. An increase in pain could be a sign of eye defect.

7. Gradual blurring of vision.

Whenever you start changing the distance of objects in order to get a clear focus, you should be concerned about your sight. Example when you start adjusting your normal place of watching your television at home then this is a hint of an eye defect. Therefore you should visit an optometrist.

8. The appearance of visual disturbances.

When you start to experience conditions like floaters or even flashes of light, you ought to visit an optometrist. This is because it could be a sign of retinal damage. This condition should be reported so that immediately the patient is put under treatment to avoid permanent loss of sight.


Don’t wait until its late! If you experience the above signs visit an optometrist to avoid losing sight.