What is a CHEK practitioner

A CHEK practitioner is a fitness and well being professional that has been accredited by the Chek institute. The CHEK practitioners training course is designed to enable the practitioner to offer a wholesome and holistic solution to the client’s physical well being needs. A fully qualified CHEK practitioner will not only be able to address any physical health concerns that you have, but they are able to design a preventative health program to keep you at your optimal best.

What are the guiding principles of the CHECK practitioner?

The CHECK wellness program is designed to provide a holistic approach to your well being. When you sign up with a CHEK practitioner, these are the areas that your program will cover.

1. Your Psychological Well Being

The CHEK program recognizes that your body’s well being is inextricably linked to your mind and thoughts. Part of the assessment process when you are working with a CHEK practitioner is to determine your stress load. The program will first work towards ensuring that you have peace of mind which will translate to your body’s health.

2. Movement

Movement is a key aspect of the holistic CHEK program that will be designed by your practitioner. Apart from your prescribed exercise regimen, the program places a lot of emphasis in ensuring that you are constantly on the move to keep your energy levels up and to improve the efficiency of your metabolism.

3. Your Nutrition

You are what you eat, and the CHEK program recognizes that you cannot achieve wellness if you are not fueled by a healthy diet. Your practitioner will recommend a diet that is rich is whole, organic foods that will boost your body’s overall health. Another important part of the CHECK nutritional requirements is to determine your Primal Pattern diet type that will suit your wellness needs.

4. Hydration

Your body needs water to optimally perform its duties. Water is also important for your body to cleanse itself and get rid of any impurities in your system.

5. Sleep

Your CHECK practitioner will insist that you get at least 8 hours of sleep every day. Sleep time is important for your body to regenerate and regain lost energy that you have expended during your day to day activities.

6. Breathing

Breathing is one of the body functions that are often overlooked. Your CHEK practitioner will enable you to find the optimal breathing pattern that will keep you well oxygenated to support your metabolism processes.

How are CHECK practitioners rated?

There are five levels of expertise when it comes to rating your CHEK practitioner. They are:

· CHEK practitioner level I

· CHEK practitioner level II

· CHECK practitioner level III

· CHEK practitioner level IV

· Master CHEK practitioner

The first level is for practitioners that have only undergone the first level of training. As they keep adding to their expertise by taking on additional courses, their accreditation level is increased. A master CHEK practitioner has taken all the four courses and completed a dissertation on physical wellness.

Before being accredited as a Master CHECK practitioner, the professional must show expertise in varied fields such as physiotherapy, chiropractor knowledge, nutritionist, and strength training.