Significance of Using Virtual Postal Mail in Today’s World


Have you opted for getting your postal mail scanned? This process of scanning the US postal mail so that you can access it online anywhere anytime is known as the Virtual Postal Mail Service. It happens to be one of the easiest and smartest ways to manage the mails. This helps in prioritizing and sorting the mails properly. This is one of the easily accessible services available to one and all with some procedures. It also goes along well with

What is a Virtual Postal Mail?

Virtual postal mail is defined as the boutique, which offers various tiers of plans to the customers. The pricing of all the plans are done based on the usages by the customers. The unique attribute of this service is offering a single address for the service and plan. There are a lot of added features, when compared between the virtual post mail and local mailbox. These include checking the deposits manually, forwarding, scanning, shredding the mails and managing online. It is known as the virtual mailbox as well as the address service.

Procedure for using Virtual Post Mail

The first and foremost step to get started with virtual mail is to sign up for the virtual post mailbox. Once the sign up is over, the next step is to get started with forwarding the mails to it. But, to do this, it is necessary to file the COA form along with USPS. COA is the abbreviated form of Change of Address. The information of the mailing address needs to be updated with those, who send mails to it. This USPS form is known as the Form 3575 for changing address.

Guide for Transition of Mails Without Losing Any of Them

This procedure of changing address by forwarding the mail to an entirely new destination via USPS can be both temporary as well as permanent. The entire process can be done in two unique ways:

1. Manually

In this case, the PS Form 3575 is filed to the local post office manually. The form must be obtained directly from the local post office and filed there. The entire process is absolutely free of cost, without any charge.

2. Online

This is yet another way of filing the form. Infact, this is one of the fastest ways to file the form. However, the procedure involves a money of $1 as the verification fee, which is deducted from the credit card while carrying out the process of change of address.

The online features provide ample flexibility to deposit the checks received in the mail account of the virtual post from anywhere even while traveling or working. It is highly flexible and very easily accessible from across the globe. Beside these features, it provides reliable as well as affordable options for forwarding packages to any place of the world. Free service of the registered agents, free access of storing physical mails for about 2 months, unlimited storage space in the digital arena as well as free smart tags of address are some of the unique features of this service.

Opting for the form 3575 for changing address is highly recommended for its complete security, best support, convenience and privacy protection.