Replacing a lost social security card

Have you lost your social security card and you need to apply for a job, file income taxes, seek credit, get insurance benefits or open up a bank account? Here are some quick tips to replace social security card faster. First, if you have damaged or lost your social security card then ask for a replacement through social security administration. You should note that the process for requesting a replacement is different from issuing a new card. Specific people are allowed to receive a completely new card with different social security number whereas those who need a new card have to provide evidence extensively arguing that they are being disadvantaged due to someone misusing their social security number.

The good news is replacing a lost or stolen social security card is free at

The following are the necessary requirements one needs to replace a stolen or lost social security card:

Original documents

To replace a lost social security card, you will need to show proof that you are a citizen of that country and identity. This document is mainly a birth certificate or the country’s passport and they proof citizenship. Whereas the identity of a person can be made known through his passport, identification card, driver’s license or a state-issued non-driver. Other documents include school ID card, military card, employee ID card or a health insurance card that can serve the purpose of proofing identity.

Form 88-5

One will then require to print and fill out completely an application for a social security card completely. Filling out Form 88-5 completely and accurately is so vital as failure to complete means the application gets denied and the documents plus application sent back to the office.

It is so essential to note that the social security administration accepts original documents and hence one should not attach photocopies which have not been certified by a custodian or notarized copies. Lastly, while completing the form 88-5 ensure you write legibly and only use black or blue ink when filling out the application form.

Mailing documents

The last requirement or step is to take or mail all the documents to your local social security office. The best tool to use would be a social security office locater where one can easily find a social security office near the area.

In conclusion, social security cards are very important and I believe with the following guide no more worries after losing a social security card. However, to prevent identity thieves please place a fraud alert on the credit file. Placing a fraud alert is as simple as calling the toll-free fraud number to a nationwide consumer reporting organization.

Ensure you also review all credit reports checking if there is any charges or open credit accounts you did not execute. If there is any account opened or used illegally close it immediately. File an identity theft report if you find any illegal charge or open accounts that you did not make this officer are committed to investigating identity theft cases. One should also contact federal trade commission and file an identity theft complaint.

Make sure to do all these as you may be required to take this steps before the social security administrators forgive fraudulent charges.