Least favorite things to do while moving homes

Moving homes won’t make it to most people’s lists of favorite things to do. It is often a hectic affair that many people only embark on when they absolutely have to. However, after moving, the headache still lingers, since one has to change their address and make sure that everyone else who matters knows that they have indeed moved homes. The process of doing this is what is meant by ‘getting a change of address’.

Luckily with the help from https://postofficechangeaddress.net/can-you-change-your-address-for-free-with-the-united-states-postal-service/, it need not be as harrowing an experience as most people imagine. In the United States, the process of changing ones address is largely automated. You just need to inform the various organizations of your address change by contacting them and giving them your new information. Here is a list of all the places you absolutely have to make sure you reach out to, and a brief guide on each on how to change your address in the United States.

First, you need to contact the United States Postal Service. You can change your address with the Postal Service by visiting their website. The process is pretty straightforward and everything is outlined right there on the website. The whole procedure will take less than an hour and will ensure that your mail arrives at your new address. You will also need to contact your Bank and any other service that sends you a bill. You definitely need to let your bank know about where your current residence is, and order some new checks with that information. You should also contact services that bill you and update your address information. This includes your phone company and your Internet service provider, unless you want to go back to the dark ages.

Thirdly, you should contact the Department of Motor Vehicles and let them know of your address change, especially if you are moving to a new state. The Department’s website outlines how to go about this process, including all the information you will need in order to update your vehicle title, driver’s licence, ID and registration. All documentation and required fees are also explained. Usually you may have to visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles office to do this, but, depending on your state, you may get lucky and find that the entire process can be handled online, especially if you have only moved to a new address within your state. Your insurance is another service provider you need to contact to update your information with. You should check with your health insurance provider, renters insurance, home owner’s insurance, car insurance and any other insurance policies you may have and ask them how to change your address. A few special considerations; If you are a veteran, you should also update with the VA and provide them with your current address so that you can receive your disability check on time. For those with concealed handgun licences, that will also need to be updated. You should also make sure you visit the US Department of Transportation website and update your address, especially if you travel often and have to go through airport security.

Finally, make sure you update your online orders information. Update your address with Amazon and any other online retailers that you use, and also crowd funding sites that carry out deliveries. Same goes for magazine subscriptions, book clubs, meal kits and prescriptions. And that is how to change your address in the United States.