Checking your lawn for pests

It’s that time of year when getting outside and enjoying your garden is a top priority. But do you have a sneaking suspicion that there are others who are also taking advantage of your green space?

Find out how to tell if your lawn has pests.

What are some of the key things to look out for? Here are some tips from Ziehler Lawn Care Service.

1.) Little mounds of earth everywhere

If you can see heaps of earth and holes in your lawn then it’s a sure sign that
you’ve got a serious pest problem. It could be moIes or rabbits. Either way,
they’re sure to ruin your beautifully maintained lawn and will probably destroy other areas of your garden too, if you give them a chance. If you’re trying to work out how to tell if your lawn has pests, make sure you keep an eye out for mounds of earth. If you see a few, it could be time to get on the phone to an expert as soon as possible.

2.) Holes in leaves and bushes

If you’ve noticed a large number of uneven holes in leaves around your garden then you’ve almost certainly got a whole host of garden pests. It could be slugs, grasshoppers, Japanese beetles or sawflies and you’re going to need to do something about it as soon as you can. If you give them enough time they could completer decimate your beautifully maintained garden.

3.) Droppings

Spotting droppings is always clear sign that you’ve got garden pests lurking
around. If you can see droppings on your lawn they could be from anything
including rabbits and rodents. They’ll be sure to dig up your lawn, and in the
case of rodents, head to a warm space. Like the floorboards in your home. If
you’re wondering how to tell if your lawn has pests, start looking out for

4.) Slime traiIs

Unfortunately this could be a sign that you’ve got a slug infestation. Anyone who considers themselves a keen gardener will tell you that slugs can be a
nightmare when you’re trying to grow fruit, vegetables and flowers. They’re likely to be leading their friends to food sources too, as slugs follow each other’s trails. Snail traiIs also look similar, and unfortunately, they can be just as voracious when they get into your vegetable patch. Worried about how to tell if your lawn has pests? Follow the trail.

5.) Check for aphids

Aphids are tiny and aren’t easy to spot. Luckily, ladybirds are easier to notice and are a sure sign that your garden is full of its favourite food source. Aphids can be the reason for wilting and dying plants, so be sure to leave the ladybirds alone. It’s also worth considering what steps you can take to keep aphids away.

6.) Piles of sawdust near the base of trees

If you’ve got a beautiful tree on your lawn and you’ve noticed some curious piles of sawdust around its base, you could have an ant infestation. They’re not harmful out here but they can be a nightmare when it comes to food preparation and storage. And if you or a family member accidentally step on them you could end up with some nasty bites. If you’re thinking about how to tell if your lawn has pests then watch out for unexplained sawdust.