Can you replace your Social Security Card without a Birth Certificate?

Normally, is easy to leave our belongings and forget to pick them after leaving. This is how our things gets lost. Usually, we can retrieve our belongings even when we have misplaced them in public. We end up losing an item permanently when we cannot retrieve it. And this is how many people lose their Social Security Card. Some people carry the item on wallet or purse while others keep them safe at home. Losing a Social Security Card is not always good and a person should quickly apply after losing it, go to for help.

It is quite frustrating when you lose important documents especially social security card. Therefore, it is convenient to get a replacement immediately. What is important is knowing your number. Rarely would you need the card, unless when you get a new job and your employer would wish to see it. If really you need to get a replacement of the card, then you need to go to just before you visit your local social security office.

Being conversant with the documents needed is the first step. And most importantly is knowing your number. You will be required to provide a US passport, US driver’s license or a state issued non-driver identification card to prove your identity. Also you may be required to provide a indication of your current US citizenship, passport or lawful non-citizen status.

It is always convenient to know that all documents must be either originals or copies that have been certified by issuing agency. Notarized copies of documents of photocopies or a receipt showing you applied for the document are unacceptable.

After clearing all the required documents, then it is good to go and print the Application form for a Social Security Card and fill it out. Third step is bringing or mailing your original documents an together with your documents to the nearest Social Security Office. After this, the online process will direct you to a screen where you will be able to access the address of your local office.

In some cases, replacement of Social Security Card can be requested through your online account (my social security account) if you follow the requirements. To access your account, you need to follow the instructions when replacing your Social Security Card. It is quite secure and convenient to use.

Replacement of Social Security Card if it is stolen or lost. It is advisable to avoid service providers who would want to charge you a fee of getting a replacement card. A person is limited to not more than three card replacements in a year and ten in lifetime. Other exceptions do not account to this limits, but the legal name can be changed, but changing immigration status requiring card updates may not be counted towards these limits. Also, you will not be affected by such limitations if you are able to prove that you need the card to prevent you from a significant hardship.

Being in possession of your Social Security Card is very important for several reasons. Social Security number is a requirement for you to get employment, collecting of social security payments or paying your taxes. Also, if you need assistance in acquiring a proof of age or citizenship, it is advisable that you visit the VitalCheck online birth certificate order platform.