Betting Skins on CSGO

The introduction of skins in the Counter-Strike lead to the formation of CS: GO skin. The surfaces that are found in CS: GO are used to gamble and bet with in two ways. The first way involves the transfer of surfaces found in steam to an unregulated and illegal site for gambling. They are later exchanged for virtual coin currency that can be used in playing CSGO roulette or any other games that the user may need. The user is expected to use the winnings they make in buying new skins and later transfer them back to their steam accounts. The second way to use CS: GO in gambling is through a “skin play” which is considered a deposit method on a regulated operator (CS: GO Betting Site). The process then transforms your skin into real money that can be used in betting on matches or playing the online casino games. The user is then able to withdraw his winnings, in the form of real money to their bank accounts, we would recommend for the best experience.

Because these gambling sites are unregulated and considered illegal due to the high risks users find themselves in, eBetfinders recommend skin play for users as the better option. It is because it has a regulated operator with a good selection of games. with the skin play in place, the user will enjoy professional customer care support in any problems they encounter, and there will be a great selection of other games and eSport.

Top CS: GO Skin Betting Site

Currently, there are very few regulated sites which can be recommended for players to offer them better CS: GO experience in betting. Even though not regulated yet, one can still find better places for winning in eSport betting. Examples of these skins include the Arcanebet that offers impressive visual designs for customers designed for easy navigation, it does not have minimum odds, and its withdrawals can be processed within one-four hours. It has fast settling times and provides the user with partial cash out option (CS: GO Betting Site). Though it has limited opening hours for customer care support and poor selection of products as compared to eSport.

Betspawn is another skin that helps in providing the well-structured site with easy navigation. The user has a decent selection of games more so casino games and shows previous match statistics for games. Also, there is profit bonus given in a combination of bets, and the user can watch many live streaming matches from their gadgets. A user is entitled to valuable welcome offer on registration with a unique feature and receives a bonus on their second and third deposit. It is better in withdrawals when compared to Arcanebet because it takes one hour to process its withdrawals (CS: GO Betting Site). There is customer care support that is life through chat and e-mail making it conducive for use by users. Users have the option of depositing their funds through other skins and bitcoins as well. It offers a decent selection of games to 100+ slots with promotions now and then. It has a limitation of providing limited time for customer care support. CS: GO betting offers valuable bonuses that help users to increase their chances of making more profit from just betting alone.