Best type of patio for spring

Wouldn’t it be great to have a clean and decorated patio for the upcoming spring! This is when flowers bloom, the grass gets to have that beautiful green color and trees grow back their leaves. Here are some tips for having a great patio for spring.


This a favorite stone used for patio designs and walkways. It is both very durable and beautiful. It is curved from real stone. It comes in numerous colors, types and patterns. A flagstone can make a patio look nice depending on the choice of color, designs and patterns. These being actual
stones, use their natural beauty for color and markings.

They are slip resistant which make them a safe choice for Driveway Paving and many conditions, it is dense and has a low-absorption conditions making it hard to freeze, a critical properties for places that experience extreme winter weather and hot summers. If correctly installed it is highly durable and low


This is a sedimentary rock formed by weathering cementation on the Earth’s surface. This is a tradition material that was used a lot in ancient Rome.

Currently they are sourced from Italy, Mexico and Turkey. It is a naturally occurring stone with a totally different look from flagstone. It is a very durable stone and is very difficult to cut or break, this property suits it well for the cold weather and will not freeze from the yearly winter

Brick and Brick Pavers

Brick patios have a long history in the U.S dating back to the colonial error. Brick pavers are extremely durable materials that when installed right, can endure for decades, spaces left in between bricks allow for small ground shift that occur from time to time. Bricks are also safe as they are skid and slip resistant.

Traditionally bricks are made from clay and receive their color from the already minerals established in the mad used for brick lying. Traditional
bricks hold their color much longer than concrete bricks that are dyed.


These are more economical compared to natural stones. They are made out of concrete and are carefully molded to have the natural stone
appearance. Since they are manufactured, it it easy to get pavers in any color, size and shape making it a versatile choice for a patio.


Besides having a perfect base material for your patio, planters are also a big player. They are a great way of keeping a space green and seasonal as well, they define space and set boundaries just like carpets. A choice of hardy planter that can withstand frost and weather should be

Dual Function Furniture

Buying a table with dual purpose chairs that can fit in sitting in other gathering areas is preferred, for example after using the
chairs at the table, they can be pulled to the gathering area for more entertaining company time, this can be complimented with a few swivel chairs and garden stools.

There are several other materials that can be used but the above summarizes some of the most popular ones. These can be expertly mixed
with plants, reclaimed wood and other materials to have that desired ambience.